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Print consumables is a term that covers all the materials required to produce print that are ‘consumed’ frequently, and predominately consists of inks and print media.

There are a wide variety of inks for different print methods and applications:

  • aqueous inks which consist of dye inks and UV inks considered short-term waterproof and stable in UV light
  • solvent inks including eco-solvent which offer excellent durability outdoors at relatively low cost
  • UV cured inks which are quick drying and create vibrant images but are more suited to rigid substrates
  • latex inks are water-based and bonded to the print material by heat it is odourless therefore good for internal applications, as well as outdoor
  • dye sublimation inks available in aqueous and solvent.In terms of print media there are a range of substrates used in day-to-day printing such as paper, vinyl, mesh, rigid board including hexacomb boards, fabric, plastic, and much more.