Vinyl Wraps Make For Effective Brand Messaging

Today’s vinyls feature high-end technology and excellent quality with eye-catching finishes and effects. New premium colours give designers more freedom to showcase their talent. Many vinyls also feature high conformability, enabling installers to wrap complex, curved body panels without first removing the protective film layer. They also feature lower friction, enabling installers to more [...]

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Choosing The Right Laminate For Vinyl Wraps Is Important

Intamarket Graphics has outlined that whether it’s for vehicles, walls, windows, or even electronic devices, vinyl wraps offer a versatile and cost-effective solution. In the world of advertising and personal expression, vinyl wraps have become a popular and effective tool to convey brand messaging and transform the appearance of various surfaces. However, an often [...]

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Grafityp Announces Developments In Film Products

Omega-Skinz wrapping film is a very soft flexible self-adhesive cast film that is 3D deformable with heat. Omega-Skinz deforms very easily in both concave and over convex surfaces, such as bulges and corners, kinks and indents of vehicles. It features extra colour depth and appearance. Grafityp recently introduced three new Omega-Skinz colours: Demolition Dark, [...]

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